Kortana, S. A. is an enterprise who’s main focus and activity is to outsource and supply the latest technological solutions for small and medium size industrial projects working with the business community in Venezuelan, as well as with some selected countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our objective is to serve the business sector by putting together turnkey projects at a level required to come up with a final product at competitive prices and quality.

All the turnkey projects and machinery are made in Brazil by prestigious engineering and equipment manufacturers with ample experience and presence not only in that country but also in various global markets.

Also, Kortana, S.A. offers consultations and guidance, if required, to apply for financing through the "Brazilian Exports Support Program" (PROEX) of Banco do Brasil or "the EXIM – Export” of the Development National Bank (BNDES) who is from Brazil as well. We have a great deal of experience dealing with international banks and their financing programs directed to facilitate industry's equipment acquisition.

Kortana, S.A. also offer equipment made in China, India, Taiwan, Turkey and Italy for special projects. Our customers, once the requirements of the project have been defined, can deal directly with the manufacturers from those countries, the same way we do it with Brazilian suppliers.

Before you make a purchase or sign up with any provider, please do yourself a favor and contact Kortana, S. A. with your inquiry. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation for your requirements of industrial machinery and equipments, so you can compare prices and conditions.

As consultants Kortana, S.A. provides the following services in every phase of your project as needed:

• The right equipment for your present needs, and the provisions for expansions and/or upgrades,
• The goods you want to manufacture,
• The finished product packing requirements,
• Access to Venezuelan currency at the official exchange rate,
• The best international methods of payment,
• Exoneration of import duties and IVA taxes (Venezuelan Act 4908),
• Procedures for nationalization, transportation
• Equipment installation and set up.

With Kortana, S. A. you do not have to pay middle-men fees since you will be buying directly from the best manufacturers worldwide, with the best terms, conditions and technical support to facilitate your success.

You have come to the right place at the right time.

Without any obligation, we will give you a free consultation and will analyze your ideas and projects and then make the recommendations for the equipment and technologies you may need, as well as the possible paths to get to the final product.

If you are in the market looking for new equipment, technology, financing or a complete factory, do not hesitate to contact Kortana, S.A. We can help you with confidence and professionalism. Let us hear from you today. You'll be glad you did.

Sell turnkey plants, complete lines of production, machines and industrial equipments.

To serve the industrial market, bringing customers and the right supplier together with satisfaction guaranteed.

To be an agent and reliable supplier, highlighting the quality of the products and the excellent personalized service offered to each of our customers.

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